The Best Ways to Consume Activated Cannabis Oil

Have you ever been to a dispensary and seen one of these tiny syringe applicators of oil and wondered what it's for? It is essentially the same oil that comes in your vape cartridges, with a few small, yet significant, differences and a wide variety of uses. Versatile, strong, and tasty, the Bloom Drop will be the next go-to cannabis product you never knew you needed. Unlike Bloom's vape cartridges, the oil inside the Bloom Drop has been decarboxylated (a process in which the oil is warmed to

​6 REAL Factors Influencing Your High

The first question most of us are asked upon entering a dispensary is the age-old, "Are you looking for sativa or indica?", but is that information really all that's needed to find your desired high? Not likely. Turns out it's much more complicated than that. Cannabis affects each individual differently for quite a few reasons, and none of those have to do with sativa or indica classifications—those are just phenotypes of the cannabis plant (characteristics of what the plant looks like). Scienc

Why Shopping Legal Cannabis Matters

The unregulated cannabis vape market is posing serious health issues across the country. As of Friday morning, US officials from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported around 450 possible cases of severe lung disease and five fatalities that could be caused by vaping in at least 33 states. According to reports, the ongoing investigation has not identified any specific substance or e-cigarette product linked to all cases. Many patients have reported using both e-cigarette p

Terp Talk

The first thing you notice when you take a puff of a Bloom Brand vape is the taste, followed by the familiar feeling of your desired effects setting in. In order to replicate the same experience you feel smoking your favorite cannabis strains via Bloom vapes, we carefully craft a blend of over 50 terpenes per strain to create a unique profile closely matching the strain's original flower counterpart and delivering bold, natural taste. What are they? Terpenes are the aromatic organic hydrocarbo

​The Culprits Behind the Vaping Crisis

In response to recent reports of illicit vapes causing severe illnesses and deaths, we want to address the main contributors of the issue so you can continue to consume your cannabis with confidence and safety. According to reports, the majority of affected products purchased came from the black market. Black market products are prominent among cannabis users as they are easily accessible online and in illegal storefronts, and are often sold at lower costs than their legal counterparts. Thes

The Waste Cannabis Makes

As you wander your way through dispensaries in 2019, you may notice your favorite cannabis products have been upgraded with beautifully branded packaging. Yet, with more packaging comes more responsibility to recycle-- an issue that’s growing increasingly necessary within the cannabis industry. But it’s trickier than just tossing your toking remnants into a blue bin. Strict laws in recreational states dictate the rules companies must abide by to stay compliant, ranging from regulations on how

Pink Lemonade Cartridge (84) - Circles

Cloud Nine For Your Mind IN REVIEW: A great pick for beginners and pros alike, this sweet vape offers a smooth, easy high. This fresh, light and mood-lifting cartridge packs a subtle mix of motivation and stress relief. How calm or focused is someone living through a global pandemic supposed to be? Personally, I have rarely visited either of those states of mind since quarantine life began. This concern might be easier to disregard if I didn't have a job, household, and life to keep up, but